Small Blind

Posted: March 26, 2015 in poker
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mountain1_nWhen I was a kid, I played poker with my three older brothers in a little cabin in the middle of a national forest where the radio was our only entertainment.  I would beg to stay up late so we could keep playing Michigan poker. We also played 7-card stud, Omaha, draw poker, and occassionaly Texas Hold’Em.  My brothers are great poker players.  They used to bluff me and bet me off hands and stack the deck against me.   They would suddenly and frequently come up with four aces.

Today I only play Texas Hold’em.  I will show the boys in Vegas that a woman can beat them. Hands down.  Last year I tried to qualify for the WPT Aria event (my first) at a satellite tourney and made it to 24 out of 190 players (19 players – 10%, went on to the Day 1 Main event).  Considering I barely knew what I was doing, I think it went well.

This year I’m either playing Planet Hollywood’s Phamous series, or trying to satellite into the main WSOP event.  I could enter the Ladies game, or just do the $565 Colossus.  Last year I got a glimpse of Mike Sexton.

This is my blog of my current poker life.   I love to write, so even if I lose I can at least entertain you with my keen & witty observations.  It’s a win/win situation.



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