Posted: April 13, 2015 in poker
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Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Alright, so this Thursday will be my first “Ladies Event.”     I think women are some of the best players, although my friend Bad Larry disagrees.   He says in a very male & fascistic way, that if that women can play then why aren’t there more at the WSOP?  Why has there never been a champion?   I blame it on the patriarchal nature of our society.  But our society is always changing.

Have to do some research, find statistics on women poker players.  But look at the history of just about anything.  Women’s football?  Or politics… Take tennis. Billy Jean King was scoffed at, and now Venus & Serena are much more newsworthy than most male players today.  And Anna Kournikova…wait, a sec,  she’s a really bad example.

On a side note, I put some oil in my truck this morning.

  1. Deanmcsmith says:

    Victoria Coren-Mitchell springs immediately to mind, one hell of a poker player, wit and TV presenter.

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