I’m a poet & fiction writer.  Recipient of Colo Council on the Arts grant in 2003.  MFA in Writing.

Finalist, Disovery/The Nation and various other book prize contests.

And a poker player extraordinaire.  My friend Felix & I regularly toast the pokergoddess, mythical or imagined or presiding over games of chance.  Sometimes he confuses me with her.  I tell him not to, but he mumbles something about sisters and women.  I humbly toast the poker goddess.  He’s from Ghana and he chants in his native tongue. We pour a little beer into the dirt.  She is a goddess to him because all women are goddesses to Felix.  It’s a matriarchal society and there is something to be said for that.  I’m not sure how Jesus felt about poker, but I think he’d like it.




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